WHILE MANY PEOPLE dream of escaping the city for the country life, a few years ago, Justin van den Berg and Michael Arends found themselves desperately trying to work out the best way back in to an urban existence.

"In 2004 we bought 23 hectar[...]

IT WAS NEARLY 20 years ago that a quirky log cabin weekender with unattractive 70’s additions caught the eye of a young couple house-hunting on Sydney’s northern beaches.  Immediately recognising the potential and overlooking the negatives t[...]

WHO WOULD HAVE guessed that a quick glance into a real estate agent’s window would prove to be the answer to Annie Herron’s problem. There she saw an advertisement for a three-bedroom farmhouse set on 420 acres that stopped her in her tracks[...]

IT WAS IN early 1999 that Swedish-born interior designer Anna Carin McNamara and her husband Peter an internet strategist decided they had to buy the eastern suburbs terrace they had been renting. There were no other options, they just had to bu[...]

SOPHIE HANSEN IS a woman who confesses to a love of colour, so it was a bit of a shock when she first laid eyes on an ugly duckling brown brick 1970’s bungalow that was to be her new home. That said moving to Orange in central New South Wales S[...]

RICHARD BAKER'S HOME is a clever combination of wonderful spaces filled with personal treasures. Richard, a teacher, set out to achieve an oasis for his family. "Our favourite thing to do is to have a weekend away at home," he says. "On Friday we[...]

HOW DO YOU juggle two busy jobs, being a wife to a busy man and mum to three active kids? It’s all in a day’s work for Leah Kress creator of the Infancy stores for children’s clothes, home wares and gifts, Leah sees the juggle as just a par[...]

HAVING TO GO outside to get from the living room to the bedrooms (and the bathroom) mightn’t be to everyone’s cup of tea, but the intention for this low-cost, lightweight weekender was always to create something that felt a little like “ele[...]

SUE BASSEGIO HAD never considered moving to the country. Ever. Being brought up in suburban Gladesville in Sydney, the 1970’s saw the young woman finish a hairdressing apprenticeship at a salon in the very hip and very urban Sydney enclave of [...]

MARCO MENEGUZZI IS more than familiar with this particular iconic waterfront mansion. He has now been involved with its decoration and design not once, but twice, and for two very different sets of owners.

“It was a compliment really to be a[...]

MARYLOU SOBEL DEVOTED 10 intense months of her private and professional life to the revamp of the family home in Sydney’s harbourside suburb of Bellevue Hill. It became her all-enveloping passion. “I ceased all other work,” admits the expa[...]

SOME HOUSES JUST feel like home -- and the Coorey’s is a family home in every sense of the word. From the moment you enter and walk down the 30 metre-long glass louvred breezeway this interesting, and slightly unusual house, begins to unfold.

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