NOW AND THEN a piece of simple genius comes along with the potential to save and improve countless lives.  Waterseer™ is just the sort of brainwave that makes you want to ask: "how-is-it-that-someone-didn't think-of this-before?".


SO THE AFTERNOON is dragging slowly. You need a treat, some refreshment, something to inject a bit of colour in your day. Trouble is there's no stores nearby.  Ah look, perfect, there's a vending machine to come to your aid. Might just saunter[...]

THIS NEW LIGHT by  London-based design company Minimalux might be called NEON, but it isn't really a neon.  It's so called because it gives off the similarly bright glow of the familiar strip lights.

NEON comes in a range of colours -- and l[...]

NORWEGIAN DESIGN LABEL Permafrost released the Giant Leap rug for the 40th anniversary of the moon landing in 2009. The rug is 160cm in diameter and made from New Zealand wool. For those more impressed with earthly-inspired designs, there's also [...]

THE BEAT-SHELF by Dutch designers Van Tjalle en Jasper was inspired by the human heartbeat and requires no additional supports to hang it on the wall (two screws do the trick). It comes in solid American walnut, olive ash or European oak and is [...]

FROM THE ITALIAN lighting company that's famous for its stylish and whimsical lighting, Karman, comes My Love by German-born designer Edmondo Testaguzza. My Love is a series of five pendant lights from white lacquered brass and shaped like indus[...]

GREAT DESIGN DOESN'T have to be big and expensive. It's more about elegantly solving problems and relating to human needs. Same with furniture.
Poland's Studio No produce something they call "Small Architecture" – a witty cross between art, furn[...]

JAPANESE DESIGNERS AND architects Setsu and Shinobu's Wabi sideboard for Riva 1920 artfully combines wood and iron. After graduation in Japan in the 1980s, the pair moved to Milan and haven't looked back since -- having long been accepted as par[...]

THIS IS A collection, says its creator George Dubinsky, that's inspired by the "intersection of nature and manufacturing". That is to say that George and his US-based company Edgewood Made understands timber and how to make furniture that's beau[...]

BRITISH DESIGNER PAUL Smith is, it seems, the go-to man when a design company is looking to freshen their look. Accordingly Carl Hansen & Søn have teamed up with Smith and US textile company Maharam to celebrate the 100th anniversary of fur[...]

BRITISH LAMP MANUFACTURERS Anglepoise® have collaborated with fashion designer Paul Smith to re-interpret the classic Type 75™  table lamp.

Designer of the Anglepoise Type 75 lamp, Sir Kenneth Grange, says that Paul Smith has given "a spec[...]

DUTCH DESIGNER MARCEL Wanders has created an exclusive timepiece for Christofle. The oversized clock combines design, fine silversmithing  and mechanical skills and is available in a limited edition of 50.

The design features complex etching [...]

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