BUILT FROM WOOD overlooking the ocean on the Norwegian coast, Hadar Hus by Asante Architecture & Design is an idyllic 50sqm of beachfront retreat space.

Heated via a low energy heating system (it can get mighty chilly in these climes) the[...]

WE'VE been hitting a rich vein of green architecture lately  –  and The Growroom by Space10 in conjunction with architects Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm keeps the interface between built-form/veggie-patch coming.

Stacked with vegetab[...]

THERE'S LOT OF us who nurture the building-a-retreat-in-the-country-someday fantasy. We're the ones staring wistfully out of the bus or train window on the way to work with thoughts of exposed beams, dry stone walls and kitchen gardens.

Or –[...]

THE SYDNEY BEACHSIDE suburb of Avalon has a new eco-friendly living green-roofed home – and it was built in a remarkable six weeks.

Designed by Archiblox, prefabricated offsite and then trucked in, the home is a cosy 106sqm in size, has tw[...]