the generalist was born a couple of years back as an oasis of extraordinary spaces, places, design and the people behind them. We covered loads of interiors and objects that were determinedly non-niche (ie we’re generalist in our tastes). Innovative or folksy, poignant or funny, sexy, beautiful, brutalist or plush, cheap or exhorbitantly chic – we liked it, we ran it. And then we went quiet for a while. … Well we’re back and we’re as generalist as ever only our focus has changed a tad. We’re now honing in on the spaces, the places, the objects and the people with ideas that last, that sustain, that make life on the planet just that little bit better …          the generalist | designs for life

The Team


Guy Allenby




Karen Cotton

Catherine Shields

Janine Moller

Louise Owens

Alex Dupont

Kristina Alvarez

Eva Bunting

Jeremy Kahn

Feel free to tell us about any new design or idea you might have. Drop us a line with an image or two (low res please) outlining your offering. the generalist is fast expanding, so don’t restrict your suggestions to just homes and objects and the people who made or own them. Food, travel, ideas, shops, restaurants, art, culture … we’d love to know what’s floating your boat. Please note: the sheer volume of mail we get means we can’t reply to them all — but they are all read and appreciated!