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THIS WEEK'S WISH is an unfeasibly picturesque spot up high on a clifftop on the Greek island of Mykonos overlooking the Aegean Sea. This one's also more attainable than some of our recent Wish features on account of the fact that you can rent the retreat for a week or more.

Drakothea is the kind of home you can imagine an intriguing Euro thriller being set. You know the sort of thing: lots of slow, arty, languid shots by the pool; sparse dialogue, plenty of overindulgence and sexual intrigue. Or put it another way, staying here's going to make anyone feel like a movie star or Greek god for a couple of days.

Conde Nast Traveller Magazine once[...]


SOME HOUSES JUST feel like home -- and the Coorey’s is a family home in every sense of the word. From the moment you enter and walk down the 30 metre-long glass louvred breezeway this interesting, and slightly unusual house, begins to unfold.


GOOD TASTE DOESN'T cost anything extra at Linen and Moore, which always has at least 10 beautiful buys at a mid-range budget. Renowned for its classic consistency, we've bought many of our fave things here, included great cotton knit blankets in [...]

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FEW OPPORTUNITIES COME along to get an apartment that boasts the romance of a vaulted ceiling and a fireplace of the size and grandeur normally found in Medieval castles or Bruce Wayne's mansion -- in its master bedroom. Especially when the livin[...]

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CREATING KITCHENS THAT have everything at your fingertips is always more difficult than you could ever imagine -- but a revolutionary new system from Valcucine has done it. Called New Logica, the system has been [...]

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IF THERE'S ONE thing that can spice up a pleasant ramble in the Spanish countryside a little, it's the knowledge that you're sharing the place with a bull or two. Although -- given that Spain's a country that lets bulls and humans loose together [...]


STYLE IS ALL in accessories. It's amazing how a great bowl or vase can make a worn-out table look like a million dollars. Head to Dinosaur Designs, the resin guru with an international reputation for its designer accessories handcrafted in resins[...]


THE ALFRED MAGAZINE Rack, has been designed by Sean Mckeon and released by DesignByThem in powder-coated aluminium for strength and durability. Alfred is available in black, white, blue and yellow.



RICHARD BAKER'S HOME is a clever combination of wonderful spaces filled with personal treasures. Richard, a teacher, set out to achieve an oasis for his family. "Our favourite thing to do is to have a weekend away at home," he says. "On Friday we[...]


FOR THE PRICE of a snazzy jacket, you can get a lifetime of pleasure from the easy-to-clean, hard-wearing, latex-backed sisal rugs at The Natural Floorcovering Centre. Bound in leather, and linen, the designs add instant depth to rooms, won't ove[...]


PUERTO ANDRATX IS Mallorca's answer to Saint Tropez without the full-on pose factor. That's not to say people don't dress up to shop or to go out to eat at the exclusive resort town, but it's a place under the sun that the deep-of-pocket can go t[...]


OUR HOUSE IS full of Ikea pickings (and you would never know). Where else do you get inexpensive designer-look buys in great styles, looks and finishes, including new glass and china for less than $2 a pop? Consistently one of our favourite haun[...]


WITH A LIVING room ceiling that slides open to the sky, an interior furnished almost entirely with designer pieces shipped direct from New York and a master bedroom featuring 90 metres (yes, 90 metres) of top drawer curtain fabric – all in a co[...]

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