FINDING AN ELEGANT and well-priced place to stay in Paris overlooking one of its main icons is one thing. But then to discover it was home to a French filmmaking legend for nearly a decade -- and precisely during the period he wrote and directed his way from relative obscurity to cinematic immortality -- sure ramps up the romantic frisson for a couple of days stay in the French capital.

Francois Truffaut was one of the great auters of French cinema's New Wave. He moved into this compact fifth-floor apartment in Pigalle overlooking the Moulin Rouge in 1954, lived here until 1963 and owned it until 1968. In the years since it has ch[...]

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ARCHITECT NIC OWEN is something of an expert at squeezing the very best out of small and tight inner city blocks. Indeed the “Tardis qualities” of his latest design, quips Owen, “would impress Dr Who fans”.

Created for a young family, [...]

FeltBall carpet felt_crop

A COUPLE OF days ago we were invited for a sneak peek at a brand new cutting edge house designed by a top Australian architect on Sydney harbour. Unfortunately we can't show you images as yet (the home's not quite finished and it's unfurnishe[...]


THIS IS A family home full of precious family history, only the story was interrupted for a generation. The owner’s grandparents were married right on the front lawn -- and they brought up their children, including his mother here. Then in the[...]


EMPTY NESTERS CATHY Watson and husband John found they finally had their house to themselves after the last of their three adult children left home.

Home for Cathy, a psychiatric nurse and John, a civil engineer, is a 1914 timber cottage calle[...]


SHATTERED BY A 30-hour-long and difficult flight from Paris, the owners-to-be of this apartment were sitting in a café “with their eyes hanging out”, as they describe it, “like zombies” while flicking distractedly through a local paper l[...]


THERE'S NO MISTAKING the city skyline behind these plates. Their creator, Leslie David, is based in Paris and has created an exquisite set of Limoges porcelain dinner plates with blue and gold geometric lines.
David is a graphic designer, art d[...]


IF THERE'S AN interior that qualifies as one of the most extraordinary on the planet, then the nave of Barcelona's Sagrada Familia would figure somewhere near the very top. the generalist was fortunate enough to visit just recently and we were [...]


THIS NEW LIGHT by  London-based design company Minimalux might be called NEON, but it isn't really a neon.  It's so called because it gives off the similarly bright glow of the familiar strip lights.

NEON comes in a range of colours -- and l[...]


WORKING AND LIVING in New York at the time, the owner bought his new property -- on the other side of the world -- sight unseen.  It would be a further year before his hectic schedule allowed him to travel to Australia and view his purchase firs[...]


JAPANESE DESIGNERS AND architects Setsu and Shinobu's Wabi sideboard for Riva 1920 artfully combines wood and iron. After graduation in Japan in the 1980s, the pair moved to Milan and haven't looked back since -- having long been accepted as par[...]

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A WHILE AGO we ran a feature waxing lyrical about the charm of a particularly well-designed new chair. An instant classic. It was just the sort of piece to anchor a space for the long term. Here's a space where another armchair is the star turn [...]


FINNISH DESIGN COMPANY Muuto  have come up with a stoneware alternative to the classic glass coffee plunger. Push, designed by Mette Duedahl, has a transparent lid, beechwood grip and stoneware body.

" I wanted to make a coffee press, which [...]



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